Final countdown to WoodEX for Africa 2018 1

Final countdown to WoodEX for Africa 2018

With just over a month to go before WoodEX for Africa 2018 opens its doors from 11 to 13 July 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, everyone who is anyone in the woodworking machinery, tooling, and products sector has secured their space at the fifth edition of this much-anticipated biennial trade show.

“With the final days of show preparation upon us, we are proud to have secured unrivalled commitment from the industry at large for the biggest trade expo in Africa dedicated exclusively to the wood industry. The fifth edition of WoodEX for Africa will house all the industry leaders in the trade and exhibitors from across the world, from newcomers to the industry, market staples, technological innovations and the biggest local and international players in the woodworking sector,” says Stephan Jooste, WoodEX for Africa Organiser.

“We are pleased to welcome yet more new exhibitors to our show, among whom are the likes of AluSmart Machinery, CMC Woodworking Machinery, Dieffenbacher, Geerlings, Harris Sawing Equipment, Hintech Manufacturing, Holtec, Lunawood, Pearlman Veneers, Promob, REM, Roos Woodworking Machinery, Rubio Monocoat, SJM Distributors, Upper Edge Products, Vantec and WoodTech Mechatronics,” he says.

AluSmart Machinery

Since the inception of AluSmart, the company’s aim has been to supply aluminium machinery that is reliable and competitively priced, and service that is backed with extensive product knowledge.

In order to achieve this goal, AluSmart have pioneered many of the new machines featured in its product range and take an interest in understanding customer production processes, operational requirements, environment, challenges and opportunities in order to provide them with working solutions. Regardless of industry or application AluSmart customers know that they can count on the team for outstanding products, technical service and support.

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CMC Woodworking Machinery

CMC Woodworking Machinery was established in 1991 and has been firmly established as a major role player and leader in the industry, supplying woodworking machinery best technologically suited to meet the needs of woodworking and aluminium specialists and hobbyists.

The company’s highly qualified and experienced technicians regularly visit various import countries and for invaluable up-to-date training, the value of which is then extended to clients who enjoy expert back-up services, repairs and training. By remaining responsive and adaptive to change, CMC upholds market trends, allowing the company to meet the needs of its customer base. On a mission to deliver the highest possible standard of service, sales and after-sales service by working harder, smarter and faster, CMC look forward to becoming the leading distributor of the finest quality machinery on the market.

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Dieffenbacher is a world-leading manufacturer of complete turnkey production lines for wood-based panels, including particleboard, MDF, OSB, and LVL board. Companies around the world rely on Dieffenbacher to plan and equip their new manufacturing plants and to modernize their existing plants to improve efficiency. With its CPS+, Dieffenbacher has set the gold standard for efficient continuous press systems. The independent family-owned company employs more than 1 700 associates and has 16 subsidiaries worldwide that operate production sites, sales and service offices.

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Geerlings have been operating in the woodworking sector for more than 50 years and sell both traditional (single-function) and advanced (multi-function) Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery as well as tool and dust extraction equipment. The business, which has now moved to its new premises with a large tiled showroom at 32 Ontdekkers Road in Roodepoort, also boasts a wide range of second-hand light and heavy industrial machinery, and also comes with professional expertise in the aluminium market.

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Harris Sawing Equipment

With a rich history dating back nearly 100 years, Harris Sawing Equipment is a South African manufacturer specialising in the production of circular saw blades and allied equipment. The company strives to provide the highest quality products for which they can offer full servicing over the product’s entire life cycle.

Harris Sawing Equipment’s current manufacturing includes TCT saws, food grade stainless steel blades, circular saws from 8 mm to 3000 mm in diameter, plate saws and hot saws. The largest and smallest circular saws they produce are a record for the African continent. They offer blade reconditioning according to customer requirements as well as advice on the cutting of new equipment and equipment optimisation.

The company’s products are exported to the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, China, Indonesia, South Africa and to many different countries in Africa.

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Hintech Manufacturing

Hintech Manufacturing, the pioneers of cable yarding have been the leaders in the South African market for over 30 years. The first URUS Cable Yarder was built in the Europe factory in the 1950s and today it can be found in over 50 countries worldwide. In 2000 Hintech were the first to build an excavator shovel yarder in Africa; through design and engineering evolution Hintech have become the leaders in Shovel Yarders catering to the local market using CAT, Hitachi, Hyundai, Komatsu, Doosan, Kobelco and other excavator platforms. In 2005 Hintech built there first logger, with special focus on durability and performance and together with partners like Deutz and Danfoss it has grown to become a favourite amongst foresters.

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For over 45 years, Holtec have specialised in engineering and manufacturing systems for the woodworking industry. The company’s core competencies are log handling for the sawmill industry, log yards for the wood-based panel industry and package crosscut saws.

Three high-powered brands from Holtec ensure that every performance class is satisfied. With a wide range of conveying techniques, the company handles tree lengths and short logs in almost every diameter class in the sawmilling industry.

With its knowledge from the sawmill industry, Holtec offer the complete front-end, specially designed for rough industrial demands with a 24/7 operation. From the mobile machine up to high-capacity systems they offer reliable solutions for nearly every capacity requirement.

Holtec offers full availability of its service team over the complete system’s lifetime.

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Lunawood Ltd. is an innovative pioneer in the thermal modification of wood and has grown to be the global Thermowood® market leader. The company’s status is based on the quality of its products and its reliable customer service. Lunawood is a target-oriented growth company which employs over 80 people in Finland at production plants in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu as well as the Lahti sales office and main export markets. The company’s annual production capacity is 120 000 m3 and the majority of the company’s production is exported.

Lunawood prides itself on its personal customer service and the high quality of its products. As the leading producer of thermally modified wood, its reputation is built upon innovation, reliability and cooperation. Long-term customer relationships and strong partners play an important role in Lunawood’s strategy. Lunawood Thermowood is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests in Finland and its products are attractive, durable and non-toxic

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Pearlman Veneers

Pearlman Veneers / 9 by Six are the largest manufacturers and distributors of quality veneer and upgraded veneer board products in South Africa. The company operates nationally with warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London and Bloemfontein. Pearlman Veneers / 9 by Six stock all exotic and commercial veneer species as well as a range of reconstituted veneer in both bundle and layon form. Pearlman Veneers / 9 by Six are also proud suppliers of Lac Laminate (PET) foiling, available in both Super Matt and High Gloss.

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Promob offers 3D design software with costing and working drawings plus full cutting lists and board optimization with modules to boring and slot groves and so much more. Promob has been around for 20 years and are in South America, USA, Europe and now in South Africa. The company’s Software has multiple options for the furniture and woodworking industry.

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REM are South Africa’s fastest growing woodworking, panel processing machine specialists. They will be showcasing their range of Lamello wood joining machines with a special guest appearance from Marco Ress, international demonstrator for Lamello Switzerland. Lamello is famous for manufacturing a joining system that saves time and money with outstanding results.

Marco’s focus will be on demonstrating wood joining using the Lamello P-system. This will include use of the Zeta P-2 biscuit jointer together with connectors Clamex-P, Tenso-P and Divario-P. More specifically, this system can be applied to kitchen fitting and any situation that requires the joining of panels, installing worktops and more. In short, the P-system is precise and quick to set up with the final fittings either visible or barely visible.

Their TopSolid Team will be there to reveal TopSolid’Wood, the only integrated CAD/CAM software package specially developed to meet the needs of the wood industry. TopSolid’WoodCam is a CAM solution with automatic geometry recognition for machining operations.

REM will also have some surprise machines, including the Rehnen Junior R-1 sander on display so don’t miss their stand!

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Roos Woodworking Machinery

Roos Woodworking Machinery supplies a large variety of woodworking and sawmilling machinery throughout Africa. They stock everything needed in the woodworking industry, including all woodworking machinery, compressors and forklifts, both new and used. RoosWoodMac’s highest priority is customer relationships, which translates into very attractive prices and free professional advice for the machinery needs of the customer.

RoosWoodMac will have both an indoor and outdoor stand at WoodEX for Africa. The indoor stand will carry a variety of machines and the outdoor stand will be host to demonstrations of its horizontal band saw mill, which is very popular in countries like the USA and Australia. Feel free to visit RoosWoodMac on show to benefit from their expertise.

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Rubio Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat’s all-natural oil wood finish, seals, colours and protects in a single layer (Monocoat) application. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications (UV and anti-fungal protection), the product range contains 0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which is completely non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. The oil finishes are easy to apply and require minimal maintenance, offering exceptional durability.

Rubio Monocoat’s comprehensive product portfolio not only includes preparation and maintenance related products, but consists of over 55 colours for interior with an average spread rate of 50 m2 per litre, as well as 22 colours available for exterior applications. With the combination of an additional selection of water-based pre-colour stains, customers can custom make their own unique colours (>1000 colour combinations) to suit their specific requirements. This unique attribute has earned RMC the reputation of ‘The King of Colours’.

Rubio Monocoat Africa is supported by a professional and well-trained technical product and service team. They offer assistance to clients and projects where RMC product are specified, to ensure the product exceed client expectations. The RMC oil, by its very nature, is a ‘forgiving’ product, and the team has extensive experience in problem-solving post-application if required.

The next generation unique Molecular Bonding Technology ensures a durable and affordable solution, with no-film forming, ideal for the harsh weather conditions in Africa (water and heat resistant). This fast-curing solution ensures no overlaps can be formed, and colour consistency throughout. Due to this revolutionary technology, users can also easily maintain, or repair surfaces, without having to re-do the entire area.

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SJM Distributors

SJM Distributors has grown steadily since its inception in 1995 and has become the supplier of choice for band saw blades due to exceptional service, product knowledge and delivery. High performance band saw blades for primary and secondary timber processing are imported direct from the renowned UK manufacturer, Dakin-Flathers Ltd. Each blade is precision welded to length on the latest CNC Flash-Butt welding systems at SJM Distributors for optimum quality.

Saw37C carbon steel blades, for secondary wood processing, are designed to give exceptional blade life from a unique flexible back material with durable hardened tooth tips. RipperS sawmill blades, for primary processing, deliver strength, performance and economy all in one – the cost-effective way to get more from your sawmill.

SJM Distributors continue to grow from strength to strength to service all cutting needs by investing in the latest technologies and training programs.

If you have something to cut… contact SJM!

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Upper Edge Products

Upper Edge products is a dynamic family-owned business that was founded in 1994. The company proudly supplies the woodworking industry (kitchen/furniture) with edging, PVC wrap foil and woodworking adhesives. Upper Edge Products is a proud supplier of Roma Plastik, Fine Décor and Durante & Vivan Adhesives.

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Vantec is a Brazilian company that has successfully been in the business of manufacturing machinery for industrial automation, biomass, forklifts, loaders, veneer lathes, recycling and sawmilling for over 50 years. This success has lead the company to expand the market to the whole of South America, Central America and now, the expansion of business partners throughout Africa.

As such, the company has proven its ability to manufacture good, robust and effective machinery as a result of constant technological improvements. Vantec is a company which is always looking to find solutions to meet the client’s needs by developing innovative project solutions and prioritizing simplicity in its commercial relationships for the benefit of the consumer and the market.

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WoodTech Mechatronics

WoodTech, based in Port Elizabeth, was established in 1998 and has been specializing in the design and manufacture of machinery for 18 years. The company focuses on the design and manufacture of 3D laminating presses and CNC nesting routers and, while these machines are primarily made to be used in the woodworking industry, they are used in other industries as well, such as sign writing.

Alongside the CNC nesting router, WoodTech has developed its own fully parametric cabinet and door manufacturing software package which fully integrates with its range of CNC routers. Much of the electronics are designed in-house, making WoodTech a fully mechatronics engineering company.

WoodTech have also developed a world first with its TruCut, which converts most existing panel saws into a single axis CNC panel saw, with guided cutting technology, which is normally only available on large beam saws. With over 400 3D laminating presses on the market and over 100 CNC nesting routers, WoodTech have built up an excellent relationship with its clients, such that it branched out to import woodworking machines for a more holistic service offering.

With experienced and well-qualified engineers and technicians, WoodTech provides more than just machines; the company’s new vision is to provide formulated turnkey solutions and full automation. WoodTech caters to the South African market, sells machinery worldwide and boasts agents across the globe.

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Above & beyond show day

“By virtue of its status as a biennial event, the ‘shelf-life’ of the show extends long beyond its three show days,” Jooste remarks, adding, “The networking at the show, industry and media partnerships as well as marketing and advertising avenues secured by the organisers during the run up to the event strategically combine to boost the show’s manifold benefits well into the future for both visitors and especially exhibitors.”

Final call to action

“With just a few weeks left before we open our doors for the fifth time, we have very limited space left at the show, and encourage all would-be exhibitors not to miss out on an opportunity to reach a highly concentrated market, not only for sales, but for building invaluable networks in the field, with the added facet of the launch edition of the Deck & Flooring Expo. WoodEX for Africa’s next instalment after this edition will only be taking place again in 2020. This frequency enhances the value of each show for our exhibitors and intensifies the incentive for participation, which is why we wish to take this opportunity to make our last call for exhibitors before our bookings are at capacity,” Jooste comments.

“Having proven over the years that we bring the right type of visitors to the show, such as decision-makers and individuals with buying power looking for the right business opportunities, new products, materials and machinery to boost their profits, we look forward to hosting another memorable WoodEX for Africa this year and to offering visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to gather insights, do business, build networks and delight in a smorgasbord of woodworking and related equipment, machinery, tooling and services on show,” he concludes.

Register for your free WoodEX for Africa ticket at the following link: Available only until 6 July 2018; thereafter R85 per ticket at the gate.

WoodEX for Africa will be taking place from 11-13 July 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. Bookings for the event are limited and exhibitors are encouraged to secure their space now to avoid disappointment. For more information about exhibition space, contact Annelize on +27 (0)21 850 8846, +27 (0)81 775 5859 or email

WoodEX for Africa show partners: BeTimber Portugal, Construction World, Crown Publications, Forestry South Africa (FSA), Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), Interact Media Defined (IMD), Malnor, Media Xpose, SA Roofing, Sawmilling South Africa (SSA), South African Furniture Initiative (SAFI), South African Wood & Laminate Flooring Association (SAWLFA), South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA), Timber iQ, To Build magazine, Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA), Wood Southern Africa & Timber Times, Woodworking & Furniture Suppliers Fair Cairo.