At ZoviCap Events, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and handling your personal information in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”). This policy outlines how we obtain, use, and disclose your personal information in a proper, lawful, and transparent manner. We recommend that you carefully read through this policy.

Who is the WoodEX for Africa?

When we refer to ‘WoodEX for Africa’ in this Privacy Policy, we mean ZoviCap Pty Ltd, subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates.
ZoviCap Pty Ltd is the organiser of the WoodEX for Africa trade show.

How to contact us?

If there’s anything you’re unsure about in this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at info@woodexforafrica.com.

The information we collect

In order to provide you with the best possible experience when interacting with us (whether through our websites or other means) and using services, we may need to request certain personal information from you. Additionally, we may collect other information related to you and the devices you use to access our website. In some cases, we may also use technologies such as cookies or engage third-party services to collect this information on our behalf.

Editorial purposes

Your personal information may be used by us for editorial purposes. For example, this may include information you provide during an online survey conducted by us.


In order to access most of the services available on our website, we will require you to provide security information that only you will know. This security information may include some or all of the following: username, mother’s maiden name, password, and memorable word.

Professional Information

If you express interest in exhibiting, registering to visit, or signing up for our newsletters, we may also ask for professional information. Professional information may include some or all of the following: Company name, company address, and company email address.

Contact information

If you express interest in exhibiting, registering to visit, or signing up for our newsletters, we will request contact information from you. Contact information may include some or all of the following: full name, residential address, landline phone number, mobile phone number, and email address.


We utilize cookies on all of our websites. These cookies are simply text files and are not executable programs. As a result, cookies cannot contain viruses or other applications, and they are very small in size. Therefore, there is no risk of overloading your hard drive with too many cookies.The only information contained within the cookie placed on your computer is a unique reference number allocated to you during the registration process. This number consists of only four digits, and there is no other identifying information contained within the cookie. Furthermore, the cookie is only valid when accessing the relevant WoodEX for Africa site.


We may gather certain information automatically when you visit our website or utilise our services. This information may encompass (but is not restricted to) some or all of the following: the method you use to connect to the internet (including your IP address), the way you interact with our website, screen resolution, browser data saved on your device (such as cookies), data about the device software you are utilising, such as the internet browser, and location data, including the city or region of the IP address used to access our services.

How your information is used

In order to facilitate your access to our website and utilise our services, we take certain actions such as collecting information about your device and its software, and requesting personal and professional information from you.

Enable you to access our website and use our services

To accept you as a new/returning customer and continue to provide you with our products and services.

Confirm your identity and authenticate the information you provide

To ensure the security of our services and verify your eligibility to access them, we require you to confirm your identity and authenticate the information you provide. This process is essential as our services are tailored to specific audiences, and we need to be sure that you are who you claim to be. The identity verification may involve checking your registration information against the information we have on file if you are a returning customer or reviewing publicly available information about you, such as your social media profile. If we cannot verify your identity based on the information provided during registration, we will notify you using the contact details you provided. In this case, you may have the option to submit a written application and provide additional proof of your identity.

Process payments and collect arrears

We will utilise the information you provide us to process the payments you agree to when booking exhibition stands, registering for events or buying our products, as well as for the retrieval of any outstanding payments or overdue amounts for those services or products.

Provide and improve customer support

We can your information to deliver and enhance the customer support that we offer to you. This may include assisting you with any inquiries you may have or providing assistance when you forget your login credentials.

Send you service communications

We will use your information to contact you to tell you about changes to or issues affecting the products or services you are taking.


We may use your information for marketing purposes, such as contacting you via email, SMS, phone, or post, if we believe that one of our products, services, or offers, or those of our third-party partners, may be of interest to you. You can choose to opt out of marketing communications at any time by either following the instructions provided in the email or SMS or by contacting us at info@woodexforafrica.com.

Market research

We may select particular customers and invite them to be involved in market research. If you accept this invitation, we will use the feedback you give us to improve our products and services.

Administration of prize draws, competitions, membership offers, surveys and other promotional activities

Occasionally, we may conduct prize draws, competitions, promotions, and surveys, and in doing so, we will use the personal data you provide to us to organise and fulfils the activities as we have agreed to do.

Training Purposes

To ensure that our team has the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible customer experience, we may use your information.

Reporting and analytical purposes

We will use your information for reporting and analytical purposes (e.g. how many of our customers are in the north or south of the country) to enable us to improve our products and services and to provide appropriate levels of support to our customers.

Tracking activity

We will utilise your information to monitor your activity on our websites and gain insights into your interests and interactions with us. Additionally, we may employ this information to identify any unauthorised attempts to access your account or misuse of our services. This data will aid us in enhancing our customer engagement, delivering the best possible service to you, and improving our products and services over time.

Maintain our records and other administrative functions

It is important for us to maintain accurate and current records of our processing of your personal information and other operational activities. Therefore, we will use the information you provide for record-keeping, updates, and general administrative purposes.

Complaint and dispute resolution

In the event that you have a complaint, we will utilise the information we have on file about you to aid in addressing your concerns and managing your complaint. We strive to provide satisfactory products and services, and will make every effort to resolve any issues you may encounter.

Comply with the law

As with any business, we have a responsibility to comply with various laws and regulations. If necessary, we may use your personal data to fulfil our obligations and ensure compliance with these requirements.

Email tracking

To enhance our communication with you, we may employ performance tracking technology in our emails. This enables us to collect information, such as the date and time that you open our emails and the device that you use to access them. By analysing this data, we can gain insights into how our customers interact with our emails and improve our services accordingly. We primarily use this information to understand which of our emails are opened and which links are clicked on by our customers.

Further uses of your personal information not described in this Privacy Policy

If we use your personal information for any purposes that are not set out in this Privacy Policy, we will let you know exactly what we will use it for before we go ahead and use it and obtain your consent where appropriate.

What are the legal grounds for handling personal information?

Data protection laws require that, where we process your personal data, we must satisfy at least one prescribed condition for processing. These are set out in data protection law and we rely on a number of different conditions for the activities we carry out.

Necessary for performance of a contract or to comply with law

Providing us with the information outlined above is generally a voluntary choice, as it is usually given by you to engage with our services, and the use of this information will be governed by the contract terms. However, choosing not to provide some or all of this information may impact our ability to provide you with the services you desire. This condition for processing may apply in various scenarios, including granting access to events or exhibitions, enabling website access and service use, confirming identity and authenticating information, processing payments and collecting arrears, providing and improving customer support, sending service communications, providing alerts, and notifying you of significant changes to our products, services, terms, or privacy policy.


We may collect additional information from you, such as when you fill out an inquiry form on our website, or when we use cookies to gather information about the device you use to access our website. In some cases, third parties may collect this information on our behalf. Before using our website, we will ask for your consent to collect this information. If you choose not to give your consent or withdraw it later, this may impact our ability to provide the services you want. In the following situations, we may rely on your consent to process your information:

Marketing: We may periodically inform you about products, services, and offers from Specialised Exhibitions and our partners.

Market research: We may invite you to participate in market research (as described below). Your feedback is provided with your consent.

Administering contests, competitions, membership offers, surveys, and other promotional activities.

Necessary in our legitimate interests or those of a third party

We may use personal information when the benefits of doing so are not outweighed by the interests or fundamental rights or freedoms of individuals, in accordance with the “Legitimate Interests” condition for processing. When we rely on this condition, the benefits pursued by us include:

Running a commercial business: We process information to run our business and provide services to third parties. We have implemented various safeguards to ensure individuals’ personal information is not unduly harmed by our activities, including providing individuals with information about how their data will be used, explaining their rights to access and correct their information, and providing information about how to file a complaint.

Reporting and analytical purposes: We use personal information to provide management information and improve our services.

Tracking activity: We use personal information to improve our services.

Records maintenance and other administrative purposes: We use personal information to maintain accurate data for our customers and clients.

Complaint and dispute resolution: We use customer data to investigate queries and complaints.

Improving data accuracy and completeness: We may use additional information provided by customers to improve data accuracy and completeness.

Email tracking: We use personal information to improve our communications with customers.

Invitations to participate in market research: We may invite customers to participate in research to improve the service we offer. Participation is optional.

Sharing of personal information

To ensure that we can provide you with the products and services you have signed up for or purchased from WoodEX for Africa, we only share your personal information with those who need to handle it. This includes suppliers who provide services to us and resellers, distributors, and agents who are involved in delivering the services we provide. Additionally, we may share your information with fraud prevention agencies to protect both you and our company. We may also share your information with members of our group of companies for support and administrative purposes.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the information we hold about you, please refer to the section “Your rights to how we use your personal information” for more information.

Group companies – WoodEX for Africa may share your personal data with members of our group of companies for support and administrative purposes. This is because we benefit from the IT infrastructure and expertise that exists in our business.

Suppliers – We use various service providers to support our business, and these providers may need to access our systems and data to provide services to us and/or to you on our behalf.

Resellers, distributors and agents – To help provide our products and services to clients and customers, we sometimes use organizations that may need access to your personal data.

Additionally, we may provide your personal information to fraud prevention agencies to protect WoodEX for Africa, our customers, and our systems. You have the right to obtain a copy of the information we hold about you – please refer to the “Your rights to how we use your personal information” section for more information.

Your rights to how we use your personal information

To ensure that you understand your rights regarding your personal information and to address any questions or concerns you may have, we provide the following information. If you have given us consent to process your personal information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. You can contact us to do so via email at info@woodexforafrica.com or by telephone at +27 (81)775 5859. You can also modify your consent preferences using the same communication channels.

You also have the right to request access to the personal information we hold about you, and to request that we correct any inaccuracies, restrict or stop processing, or delete it. However, please note that in some cases, we may not be required to correct, delete, or stop processing your information. If this is the case, we will explain why.

If you have provided your information to us with your consent to process it or if the processing is necessary for the performance of our contract with you, you can ask us to provide the information we hold about you either to you or to a third party in a commonly used format. This only applies if we are processing it using automation only. If you require further information on this, please let us know by contacting us at info@woodexforafrica.com.

We strive to deliver the best customer service possible. However, if you believe we are falling short of this commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@woodexforafrica.com.

Keeping of your personal information

Ensuring the privacy and security of our online customers is of utmost importance to us. We take this responsibility very seriously and employ the latest technologies and protocols to safeguard your personal information from any unauthorized access, destruction, use or disclosure.

To maintain the integrity of your personal data, we restrict access to it to only those employees and third parties who need it to provide you with our products or services. Furthermore, we have implemented physical, electronic, and procedural measures to protect your personal information.

How long we keep your personal information for

We will retain your personal information only for the period necessary to provide and promote the products and services that you have subscribed to or expressed interest in. Additionally, we may retain it to comply with legal obligations, settle disputes, and enforce our rights. The length of time we keep your personal information will depend on the specific product or service you have signed up for, and the reasons for which we need to keep it. We regularly review the necessity of retaining your personal information and will dispose of any information that is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. We recommend that you check this Policy periodically for updates. While we may not inform you of every minor modification, we will inform you of any significant changes to the Policy or how we handle your information, and obtain your consent where necessary.